Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Fitness

Fantastic Friday everyone!

After a long year off from blogging, focusing on writing and my SUP Shape-Up class, it's now time to get back to it! Purely Fit is officially launching our daily online Positive Self-Image Fitness and Nutritional Training tips, February 2011! I will also be blogging weekly and sharing fitness tips, healthy recipes and positive self-esteem tips for your best body ever!

Today is a great day to think about your fitness goals for the weekend. Although the weekends are well needed for rest and relaxation, it's also a good time to add a little extra movement to your week. Assess your movement and eating for this past week and determine what your fitness and nutrition goals should be for the next few days.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a great winter recipe that soothes and comforts, but is low-calorie, vegetarian and good fuel for your body!


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