Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday - I.-A.M. day, be sensual

Today is I.-A.M. (Independent Authentic Movement) day! It's all about being sensual, sexual and feeling good about moving your body! It's about getting in touch with your femininity and loving yourself.

One common problem I have seen in my female clients over the past 25 years is the disconnect that happens between their body and soul. This comes from being a spouse, mom, friend, daughter, sister, brother, caregiver, cook, driver and putting everyone and everything else in your life first. You forget what it feels like to be a girl, to feel you body, not just use it to help take care of others.

I developed the I.-A.M.! class as a way for my female clients to explore movement in a safe, non-judgemental environment. My years of taking and teaching different styles of free dance such as hip-hop, burlesque, pole-dancing and free-form dancing helped me develop this unique fun class, that encourages women to love moving their body, for THEMSELVES!

The video for today has a technical glitch, so it will be posted tomorrow along with the Saturday -Get Outside and Play video. Be sure and check it out, I show you two really fun moves that will teach you how to connect to the power of your hips!

Remember girls, love your body, love moving your body and it will love you!

Until tomorrow - Stay Purely Fit!

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