Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday's Mishap, Energize, Nutrition and More!

Well yesterday's video in the Purely Fit video series didn't get uploaded because of a technical glitch. The glitch is being fixed right now and both Mondays video and today (Tues) will be posted by this evening.

Mondays are dedicated to Energy, how to stay energized naturally, tips and info on cardiovascular exercise and fat-burning. Yesterday's video shows how to incorporate a little cardio into your daily routine without leaving your chair. Cardio-Chair exercising is a great way to get your heart pumping at the office for a midday pick-up, or in the evening while watching you favorite TV show. In yesterdays video I also show you a quick 5 minute breathing-stretch exercise that helps ward off midday fatigue! It's way better than grabbing a sugary snack or high caffeine drink that will have you crashing a few hours later.

Today is Tuesday. Tuesdays are dedicated to Nutrition. I will be exploring the soul-mind-body connection to food, how we feel about food determines how it assimilates in your body, and giving you healthy recipes!

Get up and move today, say ONE nice thing about your body today and eat something that makes you feel good body, mind and soul today!

Until tomorrow - Stay Purely Fit!


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