Sunday, January 23, 2011

Positive Body-Image and Self-Esteem Sunday

What have you said that was truly nice about yourself today? Did you tell yourself you loved you? Did you send yourself love? Did you believe it?
Truly loving the essence of you, your spirit, who you truly are, is the first step in learning how to truly love your body!
So many women try and get their ideal body from the outside first, resulting in the dreaded weight-loss/weight-gain yo-yo cycle. When you don't address the issues of how you truly feel about yourself and your body first, you can't live in the body you are meant to be in.
Today's video will take you through the process of "flipping" negative body-image thoughts, which will help you achieve your ideal body, forever!
Enjoy, and for more information or questions, Please email me!
Stay Purely Fit!

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