Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Manic Mondays

Most Mondays in my household start out frenzied and rushed. Getting my son out of bed for school on Mondays are especially difficult, my husbands usually needs my help with something and the dogs can't get their food and water fast enough. By the time I get everything done and get out the door I'm usually running late, leaving me no time for my planned work-out that morning. If I couldn't find the 45 minutes to do my work-out then I just would not do it. I tell my clients to always make the time and here I was not heeding my own advise. A solution came to me right before winter break during the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season. I justified not having enough time due to the fact that I was extra busy with holiday goings-on and decided to give myself a 10 minute Manic Monday work-out. I would wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual, not as hard to do as 1 hour, and make myself do a cardio-quickie. This tiny tweak in my schedule gave me more energy, pep and confidence throughout the day and helped me stay motivated.
So all my fellow busy friends do not make excuses, as I always tell my clients, there is always time so make it.
1. Quick jog around your house, up & down stairs, in the backyard or in place while watching the morning news.
2. If you have a WII then it is essential you buy WII Fit, WII Fit Plus or Active! These have now become my favorite part of my Monday mornings! I pop on the WII and my 10 minutes are over before I know it! These games also provide many different types of movement for cardiovascular exercise so you will never get bored.
3. The mailbox dash is a fun one, especially if the neighbors come out and give you strange looks! If your mailbox is more than 12 feet away from the door then jog or do sprints from the front door to the mailbox. You will be surprised how fast 10 minutes will be up.

While this mini workouts won't give you the major fat burning effects of a 1 hour cardio session, it will really help keep you motivated.

Until next time, stay Purely Fit! ~Shannon

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